Please click the picture above if you would like to donate to our classroom. Search John Burroughs Middle School in Los Angeles California for Mrs. Willars. And thank you so much in advance :-) !!!!!!

What have we received from Donors Choose?

Our first project :)

I have only two stop watches currently and it is very difficult for all of the students to get an opportunity to use them. They end up waiting or being put into large groups in order for us to finish the lab. Having these stop watches will enable the students to all have a chance at using the stop watch as well as have a better hands-on, lab experience.


Bring on the Technology!!!

With the Kindles my students will be able to explore their gifted abilities by moving beyond the curriculum. I will use classroom modules that I have created so students can expand their prior knowledge as well as understand their teachings better. It will also allow them to conduct further research as well as create their own teaching programs. My students will be able to collaborate with the Kindles learning vital social skills and building lab understanding.